Innovations in Produce Pathogen Detection

Producers are faced with many challenges in the production of goods, such as shelf life, chemical compounds, bacterial organisms and pigmentation. There are four key elements to consider when choosing the right pathogen testing method. 

  1. Time to result
  2. Accuracy across a wide range of matrices
  3. Validation
  4. Confidence and knowledge in the process

Dr. Evan Chaney had the pleasure of presenting these ideas on behalf of Roka at the Produce Marketing Association Tech Knowledge Symposium 2014 in San Diego on May 22. Check out the clip below and download Dr. Chaney's full slide presentation to learn more about innovations in produce pathogen detection and results that can be achieved by incorporating the Atlas technology into your testing paradigm. Once you have viewed the video download the full presentation to the right. 

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Download Roka's
Innovations in Produce Pathogen Testing Presentation shown in this video. 

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