Effectively Improve Your Listeria Environmental Control Program Today

Cost: Free

This webinar will discuss some very important topics. With a renewed focus on Listeria environmental control in response to recent recalls, FSMA, and higher expectations in food safety, there have been many webinars discussing regulations, control programs,” Seek and Destroy” approaches, but few on the practical tools and technology available to you today that can yield an immediate improvement in your control program. This webinar will focus on just that, practical, available tools and technologies that can yield an immediate improvement in pathogen control programs today. 

Led by industry experts, the webinar will include a discussion on the practical innovations and tools that can be applied in sampling programs and intervention strategies. The webinar agenda is as follows:

What you will learn:
  • Keys to Effective Sampling of an Environmental Surface
  • Control of Listeria on Floors and Entryways Using Dry Floor Sanitizers 
  • Important Considerations for choosing a test method to detect environmental Listeria

 Speaker Panel


      Dr. N. Robert Ward - Chief Executive Officer
WorldBio Products 


  Alex Josowitz, Director Business Development 

Sterilex Corporation 

Dan_Behler             Dan Behler, Vice President Marketing          
Roka Bioscience 


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