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Food Safety Pixels to Picture: 
Sharpening the Food Safety Picture 

When: June 28th, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Cost: Free 

From supplier audits to test results, data is flying at us at an unprecedented pace. Successfully navigating the new regulatory landscape requires us to harness a multitude of individual inputs and assemble them into a cohesive framework. Faster and clear understanding will improve control over food safety and quality programs.

This webinar will provide an overview of how you can assemble a higher resolution picture of your current food safety program by integrating practical testing and software technology.

  • Session 1: Higher quality individual results:  Whenever you are testing for pathogens, allergens, spoilage, chemistry, or an audit the accuracy of the result serves as the foundation of your entire food safety program
  • Session 2: Assembling the picture through software:  Getting the best ROI from your food safety and quality investment requires intuitive software that can quickly identify issues and drive confidence in your difficult intervention decisions.
  • Session 3: Practical Applications: Sounds great, but how does it work in the real world? 
  • Session 4: Granular data: Supply chain tools help to narrow your focus streamline your resources on specific problems.

This webinar is ideal for anyone in the food industry that could use some help overcoming the new FSMA and FSVA regulatory landscape. Don't Miss it Sign up today!

Speaker Panel:

Dr. Erin Dreyling
VP Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
Roka Bioscience

Making the Jump to Molecular: How Technology is Creating Better Pathogen Control Resolution

Every pixel counts in a Food safety program when putting together the complete picture. Starting with inaccurate data, such as false positives or negative results can lead to both costly and risky decisions as far as mitigation and intervention. Erin will discuss how far molecular testing has come and why when paired with automation it can deliver faster, higher confident, and actionable results.

Joseph Myers
Director of Primus Training Center 
Primus Labs/Azzule

Bringing the Picture into Focus with Data Solutions

Food safety data systems should seamlessly connect the entire supply chain so that data can flow between entities of all sizes and functions. Furthermore, effective food safety necessitates a holistic understanding of risk and must allow for the collection of not just audits, but laboratory testing, and a wide variety of documentation. Finally, data solutions must move beyond the simple collection of paperwork to format food safety information so that each piece of the picture can be sorted and analyzed, providing greater understanding of risk, more efficient allocation of resources, and actionable strategies for improving safety.

DLB headshot 2013.jpg
Donna Lynn Browne
Director of Food Safety and Social Responsibility
Naturipe Farms LLC

Real World Case Study:

Efficiently Managing Growing Customer Requests for Food Safety Documentation

Donna Lynne Browne will discuss the implementation of the Azzule platform at Naturipe and the benefits in efficiency and document control it delivers to her valued customers.

Jon Takahashi, Data Scientist, Azzule.jpg
Jon Takahashi
Data Scientist

How Analytics Can Narrow Your Focus.

A lot of food safety data flows through supply chain programs, but it can truly be overwhelming. So where do you start? Granular data and supply chain tools help to narrow your gaze, and allow you to focus your resources on specific problems.


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Gain Control through Better Clarity 

  • Learn how to better manage the new FSMA and FSVP regulatory environment
  • More efficiently manage your data and documents 
  • Elevate your Food Quality Program through Accuracy

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