Practical & Rapid Pathogen Detection Solutions to Enable a Seamless Supply Chain

From Farm to Fork, the Produce industry is continually challenged to deliver fresh, safe, quality products to the consumers. With the diversity in commodities, locations, and packaging, combined with the lack of a Produce_bynn.jpgthermal kill step like other commodities, it is critical that the safety of the product is assured. Roka Bioscience delivers a rapid, accurate method that enables fresher to market product and higher confidence in product quality.


The Atlas System Solutions Provides The Produce Industry With:

  • Fresher to Market produce through faster results
  • Robust Validations across multiple and challenging commodities
  • Higher Confidence in mitigation and intervention decisions
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AOAC-RI Validated Performance Tested Methods SM | Produce

AOAC-RI Validated Performance Tested Methods SM | Produce

Validated Matrix Atlas® Assay
Romaine Lettuce Salmonella SEN Salmonella SG2 Listeria LSP E. Coli O157:H7 EG2 STEC EG2 Combo
Tomatoes Salmonella SEN Salmonella SG2