It's time to ask...

  • How important are accurate poultry testing results to your business?
  • Would increased efficiency, flexibility and automation impact your operations and bottom line?
  • What would it mean if you could get your testing results back sooner?
  • How important is convenience and complete traceability to your lab?
  • Would a result that provided more detail of the quality of your product be helpful in lot release decisions? 

Poultry Testing and Roka Bioscience Technology

Roka offers accurate tests with the fast time to results on a single platform with a robust variety of validated matrices across the poultry process chain. 

The Atlas Salmonella SEN Detection Assay offers unparalleled ease of use while maintaining accuracy and sensitivity. While other tests require tedious multistep preparation processes, the Atlas Salmonella SEN Detection Assay has an easy 3-step process that generates accurate results faster.




Roka's Atlas Salmonella Asay is AOAC certified for:

  • Poultry Rinses
  • Fresh Ground Turkey
  • Fresh Ground Chicken
  • Turkey Spleen 



A new approach to food safety testing...

Salmonella Limits Testing in poultry

Is a yes or no result enough?

Up until now, choices for Salmonella testing have been limited to presence or absence results. Now in a single shift you can lower product risk while rapidly detecting higher contamination levels.


Limits testing for poultry, available from Roka Bioscience on our fully automated Atlas® System,provides a new, practical approach that also meets your operational needs.

  • Highly accurate, semi-quantitative results
  • Enables effective lot release decisions
  • Fast time to result for greater production and processing efficiencies

It’s time to move beyond the yes or no result.



Want to learn more about Limits Testing for Poultry?  
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Limits Testing in Poultry.

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