Culture Shift: The New Dynamics of Listeria Environmental
Control and Testing

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The importance of a strong and vigilant food safety culture within your organization is more important than ever for today’s food processors and suppliers. When it comes to Environmental Testing for Listeria spp. a renewed understanding of the complexity of what is involved in the collection, enrichment, detection and culture confirmation of Listeria spp. is paramount to facilitate change and the drive towards a higher level of control.  As these new technology and solutions become available, it requires a movement away from old norms and the raising expectations to truly adopt and align with the quality goals of a resolute culture.

Led by industry experts, this webinar will address how these advancements are enabling the Culture Shift in food safety and particular Environmental control. It will also address how incorporation of these technologies can result in immediate improvement in your preventative control programs.  

This webinar will include:

  • The Anatomy of an Environmental Sample 
  • Optimizing Environmental Monitoring Program outcomes for Spatial Mapping and Enhancing Sanitation Programs 
  • Faster recovery of stressed Listeria can change the way you do business – Media Advancement.

Speaker Panel


Erin Dreyling PhD
VP Commercial Support, Training & Application
Roka Bioscience 


Trevor Suslow PhD
Extension Research Specialist, Dept. of Plant Sciences   
University of California., Davis

David_Claveau_c.jpg David Claveau M.Sc, MBA
           Senior Product Manager          
FoodChek Systems Inc.


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