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The environment has changed. It is now more important than ever to have a complete and accurate picture of your environmental pathogen control program. Your pathogen test is the lens used to understand the effectiveness of your controls and mitigations.

Choose a test that gives the highest resolution with
a rapid time-to-result, to enable your process to achieve success. 

  • Environmental Listeria Testing is Pathogen Testing
  • Environmental Listeria Testing is important to your business
  • The Roka Environmental Listeria assay was designed specifically for Environmental samples with support of the market
  • Find the hidden threat and protect your operations.
  • If Listeria environmental testing isn’t part of your monitoring process, you’re not seeing the whole picture

Listeria Environmental Testing and Roka Bioscience Technology

The AOAC certified Atlas Listeria Environmental Detection Assays help pave the way to better operations.



Effective and Practical Solutions for Listeria
Listeria recalls and outbreaks are 
occuring too often and now affecting a broader range of food products such as
pet treats and produce, which have not been linked with Listeria contamination in the past. This combined with
increased consumer awareness and recent regulatory requirements have placed a renewed focus on the importance in the development of effective risk mitigation and preventative control strategies.

Protect your consumers and your brand
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