Have you heard about Salmonella Limits Testing for Poultry? During IPPE Roka Bioscience gave a presentation at the TechXchange booth on its capabilities. If you missed any part of it, learn more by requesting the presentation today.  

Graphic_IPPE__LogoLimits Testing Applications from Live Production to Finished Product An Additional Lens for Salmonella Load and Process Control 

What a difference a year makes. Since first being launched at last year’s IPPE, the Limits Testing approach haEvan_IPPE16s expanded to new applications upstream of final product. Dr. Chaney will provide a brief review of what Limits testing is, how technology is driving this new approach and a dive into how Limits testing is being used with Live Production & Parts Rinses as a new paradigm to manage Salmonella in the operational supply chain. Dr. Chaney will also discuss novel upcoming potential opportunities for Limits Testing. 

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Presented By: W. Evan Chaney, Ph.D., Roka Bioscience, Inc. 



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